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Adding music to your iBroadcast library is simple and we have many different options available. You can just drag and drop files or folders directly into this web page, click the ‘Upload Music Now’ button, or download MediaSync Lite.

Drag and drop files or folders here.
Upload Music Now

Get MediaSync Lite
Our dedicated uploader for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux is the most robust way to add music. MediaSync Lite skips files already uploaded, allows for simultaneous uploads, and much more! Best for large libraries.
MediaSync Lite for Windows
MediaSync Lite for Mac
MediaSync Lite for Linux
MediaSync Lite for Android
Other Upload Options
Visit project.ibroadcast.com for more options including a collection of scripts written in a variety of languages and other upload methods.
All files you upload to your iBroadcast library are kept track here. You can search here and find out the status of any file you have uploaded.
Library Summary
User Interface Settings
Choose either a light or dark theme for this web interface.
Track Columns
Choose what columns you would like displayed in track listings
Album Size
Set the size of containers, which are albums, playlists, etc.
Hide Tags
Hide 'Tags' on the left column if you do not use them, or if you would like more room for playlists.
Hide Playlists
Hide 'Playlists' on the left column if you do not use them, or if you would like more room for tags.
Left Sidebar Size
Increase the width of the left sidebar.
Search Settings
Ignore Prefix When Sorting
When sorting albums and artists, ignore prefixes, such as "the" (i.e. "Beatles, The" instead of "The Beatles")
Prefixes to Ignore When Sorting
Comma separated list of prefixes to to ignore when sorting albums and artists (i.e. "The Beatles")
Hide Non-Matching Tracks
With this setting on and when searching track listings (i.e. an album or playlist is open) those tracks which do not match the search criteria are hidden from view instead of greyed out.
Ratings Settings
Hide Ratings from UI
With this setting you can choose to hide rating options for tracks, albums or artists.
Track Rating Mode
For tracks you can choose to use thumbs up or thumbs down or the star rating system.
Album & Artist Rating Mode
For albums and artists you can choose to use thumbs up or thumbs down or the star rating system.
Playback Settings
One Queue
Turn "One Queue" on and off. With One Queue on, all of your devices share the same play queue. With this setting off, each of your devices has their own unique play queue.
Shuffle Mode
Toggle between Shuffle play and ordered playback of the play queue. With this setting on, you can switch between the original order tracks were added to the queue or shuffle them.
Replay Gain
Toggle Replay Gain on and off. With this on the apparent playback volume is normalized from track to track. You may need to turn the volume up on your computer with this on.
Append to Play Queue
With this on, tracks are appended to the play queue instead of replacing it each time you click on an album, playlist, track, etc. Note: You can also access this by right clicking on something to play and choosing "Append To Play Queue".
Original Bitrate Streaming
With this on, tracks are streamed to this web browser at the bitrate and format of the original file you uploaded with no transcoding. With this setting off, tracks are streamed at 128kbps. Note: if songs do not play with this setting on, that probably means that the format you uploaded is not compatable with this web browser and you should turn this off.
Library Settings
Combine Multi-Disc Album Sets
Toggle this setting on to combine multi disc album sets in your library. This will be reflected across all of your devices. Note: It may take up to 2 minutes for this change to be reflected in your library after you change it. If you do not get the results you expect, see our FAQ for tips.
Other Settings
Other Device Bitrate
Use this to set your preferred bitrate and format when streaming to devices other than this web browser or the Android or iOS mobile apps. Currently this applies to: Alexa, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Sonos devices.
Manage Account
Upload Music to Your Library
For a more robust uploader and one that will skip songs already in your library, try MediaSync Lite for Windows, Mac or Linux found on project.ibroadcast.com or on Google Play for Android.
Optional: Add songs to playlist
Optional: Add tag to these songs
Edit Album
namealbum artist disc numberrelease yeartrack count
Set Tracks in Album
track artistgenreyear
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durationplaysreplay gainfile sizeuploaded on titleartistrelease yeargenretrack number

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Download Library
iBroadcast is first and foremost a music storage locker, so keeping your music library safe and easy to retrive is important to us.

You can right click on any playlist, album, artist, track, etc and choose "Download Tracks" to retrieve the exact byte-for-byte files you originally uploaded.

If you are looking to download your entire library all at once in a single go, we recommend using MediaSync Lite. While primarly an uploader, it also has an option when you first log in to "Download Library".

MediaSync Lite
Our dedicated uploader for Windows & Mac also has the ability to download your library. With features such as retrying failed downloads and auto-recover from network interruptions it is optimized for big downloads.

MediaSync Lite for Windows
MediaSync Lite for Mac
Create Playlist
namedescriptionsharableauto populate
Upload Playlist File
After you upload your playlist you will be presented with the tracks that were matched against your library. You will then be able to review and change the matches before adding this playlist to your library.
This playlist will be immediatly added to your library and any tracks in your playlist that were not found in your library will be omitted.
* Playlist matching time is determined by your library size and playlist length. For most libraries you should allow 1 to 3 seconds per track in the playlist you upload (i.e. a 60 track playlist may take 1 to 3 minutes to match).
Match Track
match track
Add to Playlist
Add to End
Add to Beginning
Add to New Playlist
Playlist Track List
Copy to Clipboard
Combine Albums

Create Album
When you are in "Library Edit Mode" you can do some editing to your library which you cannot do otherwise. This prevents you from inadvertently making changes.